Welcome to the home page!

February 08, 2017

Welcome to the home page of the Conservative Party of Canada Electoral District Association for the riding of Edmonton Strathcona. Our volunteer board of directors is comprised of a dedicated and diverse group of Conservative political activists representing the tens of thousands of party members and supporters who live in the riding. The men and women who serve on the board come from all walks of life and reflect the social, economic and ethno-cultural diversity of our great city. From university students to retirees and all ages in between, Edmonton Strathcona Conservatives are proud Canadians, Albertans, and Edmontonians. We are dedicated to upholding the principles of freedom and democracy, and we are united in our belief in conservative values and ideals, including free markets and limited government, freedom of belief and expression, equal opportunity for all, and the vital importance of strong families and communities in a healthy society.


Edmonton Strathcona is one of the oldest ridings in Alberta and includes many long-established neighbourhoods. Bordered by the North Saskatchewan River Valley on the north, the Whitemud freeway on the south, Whitemud Creek on the west, and the Edmonton-Strathcona County border on the east, it includes the bustling arts and entertainment district of Old Strathcona, the beautiful campus of the University of Alberta, family-friendly neighbourhoods like Capilano, Ottewell, and Bonnie Doon, rejuvenating older communities like Richie and King Edward Park, and the many gorgeous neighbourhoods that lie within or border on Edmonton’s beloved river valley and the Mill Creek and Whitemud Creek ravines.

For most of its history, Edmonton Strathcona has elected Members of Parliament who represented conservative parties. In the last three federal elections, Conservative candidates finished a very strong second. The Board is determined to bring Edmonton Strathcona back into the Conservative fold in the next election. We’re currently focused on growing the party membership, improving our communications with initiatives like this new website, and creating a solid base of energetic and committed volunteers. Within the next year or so we will launch the process for selecting our next candidate and start raising money to fight the next campaign.

If you’re visiting this page chances are it’s because you’re interested in politics, you care about our country, you support conservative values and ideals, and you want to get involved. If so, we want to hear from you, and you would be more than welcome to attend one of our board meetings or other local Conservative social and political events. Send us an email today at info@strathconaconservatives.ca so we can put you on our contact list for information about what we’re doing to advance our Conservative cause.

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Paul Bunner

President, Edmonton Strathcona Conservative Association